peep the brand new music video for BP & ODDS "The Daily" off THE MEDIUM album. Vimeo or youtube.

Buttonpusha is a collector. Vinyl, boomboxes, and tapes. This episode takes you into BP's tape collection as he holds up a few noteworthy joints. Of course, the song is "Ultra-Magnetics" off THE MEDIUM album which you can download for free here: DOWNLOAD "ULTRA-MAGNETICS".

The official music video for "Ultra-Magnetics" will be premiering soon. Cyclopean Eye of Jupitersciples is directing the video and it's looking like a beast. Stay tuned. peep the Vlog

song: "Old Man Raps" by Bambu music video. "...from the 213 I still say dope when I speak..."

song: "Reefer" by Ayatollah on Nature Sounds

Okay...so I figured that I need to step my blog game up. Every week, I am going to post a picture of a classic boombox. Ill start it off with this one: the Sharp VZ2000. A boombox with a vertical vinyl player will mos definitely turn headz! Look for this one!

Wu-Tang Lego: Da Mystery of Chessboxin' from davo on Vimeo.

Yup...exactly what the post title says. Check out this creative rendition of "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'
song: "Delilah" by Rakaa Iriscience off his "Crown Of Thorns" album set to drop in exactly 1 week. Beat by Evidence and video directed by Yoram Benz

DJ Babu's short film series continues with #15 "Another Typical Sunday" in which he visits our beloved Beat Swapmeet and J-Rocc's house. This was shot at BSM #9. Dig it.

found this over at DaIllSpot. 42-year-old Paul "Moose" Curtis (from southern England) and his Reverse Graffiti project are seen creating in the Broadway tunnel in downtown San Francisco in the following short film by Doug Pray. Green Works (plant based cleaners) sponsored the joint. Interesting...

video of DJ Shadow in Belfast, Ireland demonstrating a cathedral organ. the sound is HUGE. found on cratekings

song: "Prayin' Mantis" by DJ Muggs & Sick Jacken... found this at chinkyeyedla

I discovered Shad's music a while back and got a chance to check out some of his videos. I thought I'd share these quality joints.

song: "Rose Garden" by Shad. Dude's from London and got some dope videos. I was a little disturbed by the bite on Spike Jonze's uncomparable "Drop" video. But I was impressed in the end.

song: "Yaa I Get It" by Shad

song: "The Old Prince Still Lives At Home" by Shad

song: "Lock It Down" by Slum Village produced by Jay Dee off the Villa Manifesto album...

"This Is Only A Test" video with Malice of the Clipse. A short film about the story of Job.

song: "Golden" by Lite. Don't know too much about this cat, but I'm feelin the video.

Marco Polo held a beat showcase in Toronto and highlighted the likes of these dope Canadian producers. This clip shows these cats flipping recognizable samples. Moss killed the Bee Gees "Stayin Alive" joint.

peep the promo vid for Rakaa Iriscience's solo album, "Crown of Thorns" set to drop on Decon July 20th. Watch as the producers of the long-awaited project co-sign Rakaa's album. found at cratekings

song: "Ballad of the Black Gold" by Reflection Eternal. found at okayplayer where they said it was a fan video that the label was feeling and made it the official video.

This Sunday, 7.11.2010: Beat Swapmeet #10 goes down at the Grand Star Jazz Club. For the first time, upstairs, check out the all-hardware producer showcase. The invited producers for the event are: Beautiful Kalamari, Breeze, Dibiase, Remode, Woool, IF2 (Immortal Fader Fyters), DirtRaid.

The format is all-hardware, full-setup on stage, no lap-tops, and no CDs. In the spirit of Beat Swapmeet; promoting the essence as digital formats take a well-deserved day off.

BP & ODDS will be bringing you update videos and vlogs for the summer. Here's a vlog that shows BP's boombox and tape collection, a brief tour of BP & ODDS' dwelling in Long Beach, a short beat session with BP, and Beat Swapmeet promo... 1 week remains.

song: Shut The Fuck Up by Sean Price. Every time I hear Ruck rhyme nowadays, I'm rollin! Leflah Lefleur Eshkoshka!

Bloodbath's Summer 2010 Collection is in, and being shipped as we speak.
Check the lookbook: http://www.bloodbathproject.com