Clae's collection of original silhouettes breathes new life into traditional footwear. An ease of design lies at the heart of the brand, fusing the comfort of athletic footwear with the aesthetic of traditional dress-inspired styling. By redefining the boundaries of casual footwear, Clae fills the void between sneakers and shoes. Clae captures the lifestyle and momentum of the modern consumer, appealing to men of any generation.

Clae continues to develop an impressive shoe line by paying attention to color, materials and timeless design.

Real G's Rock Tapes from richdirection on Vimeo.

Why tapes? I can feel where J-Zone is coming from here. Everybody talks about that golden era sound of hip hop. For those who grew up on that sound, it was probably through listening to tapes. Tapes are a whole different listening experience. I mean, you had to know the whole tape inside and out. You actually had to read the credits and at one point got to know how many seconds it took to rewind a particular song and even when to flip it over to cue up another song. There was no skip button so it was common to just let it play and hear the whole thing. I think J-Zone is a genious for this one. "I don't fuck with Ipods...Ipods are for women at the gym....Real G's rock tapes."

Bobo Meets Rhettmatic from Bobo Meets Rhettmatic on Vimeo.

Two L.A. hip hop veterans come together to bless our ears with a free project. An exclusive Beat Junkies/Cypress Hill affair. Make sure you check the stream below and download the joint righ here. It looks like these guys are just getting started...

If you were old enough, you can probably recall the era of early 90's hip hop artists rockin' fat Carhartt jackets and coveralls. That era is long gone. It's a different story overseas though. Carhartt has a consistent streetwear identity that hasn't translated over here in the states. Check the collaboration tees that they did with famed skater/desiner-Benny Gold. Originally a protective clothing company, check out what they are doing on the streetwear side. Click here.

LBFG is City Ground's first specialty bike shop located in the East Village Artist District of downtown Long Beach, CA. LBFG is a full service bike shop and service station. They've got you covered from basic tune-ups and installations to custom wheel-builds and complete overhauls. LBFG's mission is to gather and serve the fixed gear community with quality merchandise, impeccable service, and a point-of-destination to live, breathe, and eat everything fixed! Come by and check out their extensive selection of completed bikes, framesets, components, and gear. Whether you are new to fixed gear cycling or have been riding for years, their knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to walk you through a custom build and help you make an informed purchase. Peep out the ill logo designed by the one and only Benny Gold.

Scott Hansen is a San Francisco, California based musician (Tycho) and artist (ISO50). He created the ISO50 site originally to house his design work in a portfolio format but over the years it has grown to encompass a shop, clothing line, and blog. Hansen has spent time as a freelance designer and worked for a few agencies, most notably, perhaps, Adobe. In addition to his resume, dude is just crazy with the designs. Peep out the close attention to typography and color. His blog is dope too. Alot of sources of inspiration can be found there. From old airline ads, vintage photos to swiss graphics. Check it out here
We are witnessing a new chapter in live production performances. Producers have taken the MPC out of the confines of the studio and have turned it into quite an impressive live instrument. Check out these two awe-inspiring performances by JEL of Anticon and Minor. Producers Exile and DJ Day are amongst this movement of utilizing the MPC as an instrument. Word up...

You've prolly seen these video before. If not, you are in for some next level shit. DJ RUTHLESS RAMSEY (Arizona) is pioneering the art of DJing with tapes. You've heard dj's cut it up like this with wax but peep Ramsey on the decks. Tape decks that is!

Like many hardcore music fans, I remember staying up late night with the tape deck on record/pause to catch the newest freestyles on the Wake-Up show. Same routine with Friday Night Flavas and A sleu of other reputable hip hop radio shows. Fast forward to 2010 and you will quickly see a dying breed; Hip Hop radio shows on the FM dial. Gone are the days of blank TDK's labeled "___________" hip hop radio show. But hold up...hip hop radio isn't down for the count. A new show called Breakbeats & Rhymes radio has stepped into the ring. Tune in to 90.7 KPFK on late Saturday nights (2-4AM.) hosted by Rebels To The Grain. Tune into tomorrow night and catch BP & ODDS the boom bap novelists for a catch a live show on the air and listen to some of their new projects.

Dj Muggs X UNDFTD Commercial from Punit Dhesi on Vimeo.

Muggs shows us why he is undefeated. Without name dropping his production credits of classics, he shows us with his undeniable skills. Watch this video and learn from a Grand Master!

Akai just announced that it will be releasing a new version of the Akai MPC 2500. The Special Edition MPC2500SE sampler/sequencer that will be available in white with carbon paneling and come equipped with 128MB RAM and a CD-R drive pre-installed.

Click here for more info
Im sure yall have seen these floating around in cyberspace. Peep the part 3 of the series right here. These are interviews with artists who have worked with Jay Dee. Listen to these stories about his musical genius.

Stussy - J Dilla Documentary Prt3 (of 3) from Stussy on Vimeo.

You can peep the other episodes here

DEEJAY ANALOG (Beat Hackers/Beat Swapmeet) dropped his new "REPRIEVE 45's" mixtape. Not only is it a sonic oddyssey through time, it remains as one of the most soulful mixtapes to be heard this year. An all 45's excursion, ANALOG brings the heat consistently through the mix with clever blends, hidden loops and an immaculate selection. A Beat Swapmeet X Ek5obition collabo. Along with hand drawn artwork from Mikolai and a layout by BP, this is a full package. You can download it here.
Check out this shop in Japan. TURBO SONIC carries an ill selection of mint boomboxes and vintage electronics. You might have to pass on the prices tho...Prices range from $500-2000! I guess some people got it like that...

I first caught wind of this song on DJ Analog's Reprieve 45's mixtape. Im really feeling this Big Tone joint. The video is mad simple but clean. The song is some of that good ol' soulful hip hop. Don't sleep on this cat....

Bloodbath will be hosting a Spring Sample Sale for the first time ever. Come join us the first Saturday of March, for good times, good deals, and good people. The sale will commence at 3pm, and will keep going until the after party that starts at 7pm - 2:30am. There will be food, casual drinking for 21+, and a chance to pick up brand new Bloodbath product - as well as some classic styles...

YES YES YALL!  Welcome to the new blog.  THE BOOM DOCS.  We will be putting the spotlight on all things that are dope...so stay tuned!  For now, make sure you go down and spend $50 at THE DEUCE so you can get your name the raffle for a Crooks & Castles "EL PRESIDENTE" watch...that's right!  A $450 value!