A nearly exact replica of the legendary hip hop sequencer, the E-MU SP1200, in the form of a 2 inch wide, 4GB USB Flash Drive. There's an incredible amount of detail on this piece, down to the colors and the raised buttons, knobs and text. To reveal the USB plug, you simply pull it apart down the middle and bam... you got 4 Gigs of compact flash drive space to take with wherever you may go.

Manuel Ambriz-Mr.Personality feat. Dj Desie

produced by Dj Deprave

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as promised, BP & ODDS release their brand new EP as a free download: VACANCY



1. Stellar Regions
2. Friends and Strangers
3. Touchdown
4. Skydive
5. Timeless
6. Innervisions
7. Vacancy


The EP is the boom bap novelists' ode to Jazz music. The soundscape summons BP's jazz stacks while each song is aptly titled after timeless jazz albums. VACANCY gives rise to the idea of being uninhibited while opening doors to new listeners.