NO CROSSOVER: The Trial of Allen Iverson

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Steve James, The director of one of my favorite movies "Hoop Dreams" goes back to his hometown of Hampton, VA to delve into a trial that took place in 1993. A trial, he says, racially separated the community more than ever before. Allen Iverson was a "golden child" in the community of Hampton, Virginia. He was a 17-year old football and basketball phenom, who took both teams to state championships in high school. The movie will go on to explain the events leading up to and as a result of a brawl that took place in a bowling alley on Valentine's Day 1993 in which AI was involved. I was listening to KCRW this morning as Steve James was being interviewed. He mentioned one shocking thing: the, then 17-year-old Allen Iverson was sentenced to 15 years for "maiming by mob". I'm def'ly looking forward to the movie on ESPN tonight. peep the trailer...


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