Beat Swapmeet 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Recap...

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photo by Gabe Real

The 2 year Anniversary for the Beat Swapmeet was pretty close to being sabotaged by the weather. The local forecast predicted rain on the day of the event. Luckily, it missed us. The weather couldn't have been any better. It was a great turnout and this was probably the best one so far! You had alot of people in the house. The male to female ratio was good plus the crates were lookin' lovely.

photo by Gabe Real

Inside the Grandstar, there were a ton of vendors packin' the heat. Delicious Vinyl as well as Buena Park Record Show veteran Armand Lewis were in the house

photo by Listen Recovery

It's pretty common to run into known producers/dj's at the Beat Swapmeet. This is the first time I saw DJ Babu at one. Here he is diggin thru Listen Recovery Crew's crates. Other notable people at the event would include: The Alchemist, Mr. Choc, Lord Zen of the Visionaries, Awol One + Circus of the Shapeshifters and Percee P.

photo by Gabe Real

Dj Endo and Bobby Quevedo had the outside locked down. These dudes probably had the most traffic. LP's, 12"s, 45"s and tapes. They weren't fuckin' around!

photo by Gabe Real

The lovely females of RRS FEED were in the house pickin' up a few things...

photo by Gabe Real

Now let's talk about the first ever official Beat Swapmeet DJ Battle. It was hosted by DJ Jawa of Rehab records/Scratch Academy. 12 contestants entered to be judged by Charlie Rock, Pryvet Peepsho and Mr. Choc for a $500 prize. VINYL ONLY! The attendance was insane!

photo by bokeh bunny

Overall, it was good to see alot of new people coming out to this event. I think that things can only get bigger for Beat Swapmeet. Come out to the next one! July 13th.


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