THE SP 1200...

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the SP-1200 is a classic drum machine and sampler released in August 1987 by E-mu Systems, Inc. as an update of the SP-12, which was originally created for dance music producers. It became famed for its gritty texture and ability to simulate the "warmth" of vinyl recordings. It is the weapon of choice for producers like Pete Rock and Large Professor to name a few. With only 10 seconds of sample time, it "forced" producers to develop creative techniques. One of these techniques is to sample at a high pitch (45 rpm) in order to grab whole loops. I actually had one of these at one time when my boy Overflow put me on to it. It's very primitive but I can see why producers would gravitate towards such a machine. Not only does the sound knock but the simplicity of its workflow can work to a producer's advantage.


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